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Friday, February 18, 2005

Job, Jobs, Jobs

I went to two meetings with the Career Center in Portland yesterday.

In the first one, the person I met with suggested a job that paid about half what I make now. This person felt I should follow my dreams. I feel I should pay my bills.

The second interview was to discuss my aptitude test.

That person said she had not seen this very often, but I was qualified to do anything I wanted.

Are any potential employers out there listening?

I came home from work today and got a call from a fellow who contacted me a few weeks ago. We had talked and I wasn't quite right for the job, so he was going to interview some other folks and get back to me if they didn't work out.

So, he wants me to come interview Tuesday at 4 PM. I'm going to be late for my bible study.

I currently drive 35 miles one way to work. My drive would increase to 50 miles one way if this job was offered and I accepted. (insert BIG pause here)

He is willing to pay me what I'm making now. But 50 miles!

If I do take it, I hope he can wait for the first Monday in April. I'm too close to my severance to throw it away now. (50 miles!)

This better be REALLY good! (50 miles!!)

Did I say it was 50 miles away??


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