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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Job Anyone?

The company I work for is shutting down the plant where I work. No chance for a transfer, no other plants close enough to commute to. I don't want to move because I like where I am and my grandkids are three blocks away. Grandkids have a powerful pull on you.

So, my job hunt began about a month ago. I finally got a hit on my resume today. I have an interview tomorrow. The last time I did this was 9 years ago. Am I ready?

I've researched the company, I know what they do. I have 30 years total experience in my field, the last 9 in manufacturing. I can do the job.

I'm a bit fearful of if they hire me what their compensation offer will be. I could maybe afford to take a bit less, but I'd really rather not, considering my years experience.

And to mix things up a bit more, if I stay with my present company until they close the plant I currently work at on March 31st, then I'll get 9 weeks extra pay, one week for each year I've been with them. That's a chunk of change to give up.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.....


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