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Monday, February 28, 2005

Almost Done....

Twenty-seven work days (counting Saturdays) and a bowl of Cheerios, and I'm done at Sanmina-SCI.

Just clean out my desk and walk away. I never considered I'd see the day until Sanmina bought us out a few years back. I told my wife then that working for a public company could be a bad thing. The "powers that be" could very well close us down even though we're profitable, just to make the overall bottom line look good to the share holders. And that's just about what happened.

I sure do wish someone would hire me. The score??

Resumes sent out: countless
Interviews: two
Job offers: 0 (as in none, zip, nada)

I'm starting to list my available date as after March 31st in my cover letter. At least I will get my severance. I've been here for 9 years and that's a week's severance for every year worked. Every penny may be desperately needed....

Special note to God:

I'm listening


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