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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Odds 'n Ends....

Hi! Remember me?

OK, I know it's been quite awhile since I last posted here. So busy, so little time.

Where to start?

We have some friends we met in Germany when I was stationed there in the 80's. He just retired from my alma mater (USAF) and they moved back to southern Maine. They rented for awhile, but it was a seasonal rental. Cheap in the off-season and (whoa!!) expensive during the tourist season.

They own a piece of land about 3 miles from us on the Sanford/North Berwick town lines. They intend to build soon. We let them move into our house until their house is finished.

Needless to say, setting a schedule has been a bit difficult with all of this plus the new second shift job, which, by the way, has changed to a first shift job for this week and the next three weeks.

Plus, my dear bride has gone back to Fairbanks, Alaska, for the next two weeks to help her sister get her house ready to sell. Then my bride will return for about two days, then fly with another sister to Chicago to visit our youngest daughter. From there, she flies to Buffalo, NY, to meet two other girl friends from Germany and they will all come back to Maine together.

Wish I had more free time (I'm completely changing subjects here) so I could take this Morse code course that I ordered and received last week. Only problem is it would be real tight to fit in one 20 minute session a day, but it strongly suggests three sessions a day.

This Morse code thing is for my ham radio hobby. I had to learn it to get a license with more privileges several years ago, and then I never used the code again.

I also have a new antenna to put up in replacement of one that's only about 6 feet or so off the ground. I'd like to get the new one up about 30-40 feet so I can actually hear stuff. Well, that's not quite accurate. I do hear stuff, er, people from all over the world and I do talk to them. I just could hear 'em and talk to them better if it was up a bit more. Plus, the new antenna is supposed to give me another band that the old one just won't do.

I'll let you know how it all works out.

Well, I have a baseball game to go to instead of practicing Morse code or putting up the new antenna. I gotta run.

I'll let you know how it all works out.



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