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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More Job Stuff

Well, since I lasted posted an entry, I've had a few interviews.

The first was at a printing company. I didn't get the job. Too bad. I would have really liked the hours. Either 4 AM to noon, or noon to 8 PM.

The second was at a company that supplies plastic parts for signs, cabinets, etc. I might have a call back on Friday, but after the initial interview, I'm not too sure I want to work there. There are no benefits and only 4 current employees.

The biggie is I have an appointment Friday morning for an interview with Pratt and Whitney in the next town over. It's for a day shift parts inspector position.

Of all the jobs I've applied for or interviewed for, this is the one I'd really want.

I'll keep you posted.....


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