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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Flat Stanley Arrives in Maine!

We received the following from my great niece Samantha who lives in Oklahoma:

Dear (my wife's name) and Tom (she meant David, I hope!)

My 2nd grade class at Hubbard Elementry is participating in a fun project for our community unit and we need your help.

We have just finished reading the book Flat Stanley. This funny story is about a young boy that gets flattened by a falling bulletin board. The story goes on to tell about the advantages of being flat. One such advantage is that Stanley gets to travel to various towns through the mail (it is cheaper than an airline ticket).

In Social Studies, we are studying about different communities. Since we can't take time out of our class to travel, we are sending Stanley out to different communities around the world. If you would be so kind as to host Stanley for a week, we would be thrilled!

Here is what you need to do:
1. Take Stanley with you wherever you go.
2. Keep a log of Stanley's activities.
3. If possible, take a few pictures.

We would like to know what kind of town or city Stanley is visiting. What size is the town or city? What type of entertainment or tourist attractions does the community have? Please include any other interesting facts about the area that you can find.

Stanley is very well behaved, doesn't eat much, and doesn't take up much space. We hope you enjoy his company. After hosting Stanley for one week, please mail Stanley back to us along with his log, pictures, post cards, community information, etc, to the following address:

(School's address goes here)

Take good care of Stanley and thanks for your help!


(signed) Samantha

We're enjoying Stanley's company. We are looking forward to showing him a good time during his visit here in Maine.

We'll keep you posted!



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