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Monday, March 21, 2005

Off To The Races.....

I couldn't stand being at work today. Too much of nothing to do. So I left at 1:30 PM.

Lots to do this evening. I get to go clothes shopping, one of my favorite tasks. I'm such a clothes horse. My funmeter is right on the peg. I'll let you guess which peg.

I need new pants so I can look fat again. If you ever want people to think you've lost weight, just buy bigger clothes.

Then, off to the gym. I skipped so many workouts that they will think I'm a newb. And to think I used to nearly collect my mail there.... Tonight, it's a full court press. Everybody gets to play! Upper and lower body, as well as cardio. This will teach me to skip workouts!

Then back home to tidy up a bit and do laundry.

I am so domesticated and house broken, it hurts! Or if it doesn't, I surely will tomorrow from the gym!

Ta, kiddies!


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