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Monday, March 14, 2005

The Middle of the Road

I have always imagined my walk with Christ to be like this.

Picture a two-lane blacktop road, complete with the yellow striped centerline and shoulders.

In this picture, Christ is walking right down the centerline, never wavering. As a side note, keep in mind that He never moves away from us.

Ideally, we should be right at His side, holding His hand.

Unfortunately, this has not always been the case in my life, shocking as that may be.

To either side of the road are these fields with wheat growing in them. The wheat waves back and forth as the wind blows. When we take our eyes off Christ, something out there calls to us and we let go of His hand and go our way.

There are some beautiful but evil things in the wheat.

Time passed. I was dry. I could see the road, and if I listened, I could hear my Master's voice. It was a very difficult struggle, but I managed to ignore the luring of the evil in the wheat and I moved back to the road to be with my Master, hand in hand.

We must endeavor to never let go of His hand, to ignore the calling of the evil one.


Some other loose thoughts

I have felt God's Spirit on me like I haven't felt it in decades. I think He has something really big for me soon. I'm excited!

Mondays usually fly by, but today Monday dug it's heals in and it drug along like no other I could remember.

I was dying to get home and post this, but it seemed 3:30 would never come.

I think somebody who was aware of my knees was praying today. They felt great, like they were 20 years younger! Now for the rest of me.......(hair??)

Tomorrow will be the test. Tonight was leg night at the gym.......

I must go putter around the house. Act like I'm domesticated. Then I can have a deserved respite ;-)

That's all folks!


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