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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Off and Running Again....!

Well, my XYL is on the road again. What's an XYL, you ask?

It's a ham radio term. If you're dating someone, they're your YL, which stands for Young Lady.

When you marry them, they become an X YL.

Enough of that.

First she went back to Fairbanks to help her sister sell her house and find another. She returned last Wednesday.

Then, we drove to Connecticut on Friday after work and she caught an early plane Saturday with her other sister and they flew to Chicago, land of the really deep dish pizza, to visit my #2 daughter.

She will remain there until Thursday, then her sister will fly back to Connecticut and my bride will fly to Buffalo, NY, to meet a couple of girl friends that she knew in Germany. They will jump in a car and make a one or two day drive to Maine. Look out New York state!

Then, in about a month, she will fly back to Fairbanks for a wedding.

Maybe all the traveling stops after that???