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Monday, February 28, 2005

Almost Done....

Twenty-seven work days (counting Saturdays) and a bowl of Cheerios, and I'm done at Sanmina-SCI.

Just clean out my desk and walk away. I never considered I'd see the day until Sanmina bought us out a few years back. I told my wife then that working for a public company could be a bad thing. The "powers that be" could very well close us down even though we're profitable, just to make the overall bottom line look good to the share holders. And that's just about what happened.

I sure do wish someone would hire me. The score??

Resumes sent out: countless
Interviews: two
Job offers: 0 (as in none, zip, nada)

I'm starting to list my available date as after March 31st in my cover letter. At least I will get my severance. I've been here for 9 years and that's a week's severance for every year worked. Every penny may be desperately needed....

Special note to God:

I'm listening

Friday, February 25, 2005

Busy, busy, busy....

Been too busy to post lately. Here's a bunch of little stuff that's happened recently.

Had the job interview - didn't get it, but it's not done yet. I was the last person to interview. No one was qualified. There's a federal program that I fall under that could save them up to 50% on my salary for up to 6 months if they change their minds and decide to train one of their prospects. That could move me to the top of the list.

Been busy at work for a change. I've been helping out in the EMC (a customer) assembly room doing inspections. They are real busy. Beats solitaire and job searching.

My lovely wife (in case she reads this) and I had our 26th wedding anniversary last night. We went out to eat at a place with REAL tablecloths. Then we made an abbreviated trip to the beach. Brrrr! It looked pretty good from INSIDE the car, too!

Did 20 minutes of intense cardio workout tonight. Then went in the weight room to try to buff up. Tonight was SUPPOSED to be arms, shoulders, back and chest, but I was so fried from the cardio workout that I forgot and did legs instead. Ooops! Oh well, I'll do the others tomorrow....I punished myself by going back and doing 20 more minutes of VERY intense cardio. That'll teach me!

Take it real easy and I'll see you around.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Job, Jobs, Jobs

I went to two meetings with the Career Center in Portland yesterday.

In the first one, the person I met with suggested a job that paid about half what I make now. This person felt I should follow my dreams. I feel I should pay my bills.

The second interview was to discuss my aptitude test.

That person said she had not seen this very often, but I was qualified to do anything I wanted.

Are any potential employers out there listening?

I came home from work today and got a call from a fellow who contacted me a few weeks ago. We had talked and I wasn't quite right for the job, so he was going to interview some other folks and get back to me if they didn't work out.

So, he wants me to come interview Tuesday at 4 PM. I'm going to be late for my bible study.

I currently drive 35 miles one way to work. My drive would increase to 50 miles one way if this job was offered and I accepted. (insert BIG pause here)

He is willing to pay me what I'm making now. But 50 miles!

If I do take it, I hope he can wait for the first Monday in April. I'm too close to my severance to throw it away now. (50 miles!)

This better be REALLY good! (50 miles!!)

Did I say it was 50 miles away??

Sunday, February 13, 2005

So, You Wanna Try An Alternate Operating System, Eh?

Ubuntu Linux
Originally uploaded by carney1979.
Is Linux really ready for the common desktop?

I wish I had a nickel for every time I read that last statement. I could probably make another mortgage payment!

As many of you probably know by now (or will soon), I have shunned Micro$oft Windoze for Linux.

I have run Linux since late 1995/early 1996. The only reason MS Windoze resides anywhere on my computer is Linux has yet to come up with a decent (IMHO) flight simulator that beats the one by Micro$oft.

So, is Linux ready for the common desktop?

Not quite. (...again, something I've heard for many years.)

I run Ubuntu Linux, a distribution that I heartily recommend to any who are Linux savy.

I was running version 4.10, also known as Warty Warthog. Oh yeah, Linux vendors like to name each release of their distributions. I upgraded to 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog) last night.

In doing so, the kernel was replaced by a newer version.

For you complete newbies, the kernel (and even Windoze has a kernel) is like a middle-man between you and your hardware, such as disk drives, printers, etc. You (through the software) tell the computer that you want to print something and the software passes this to the kernel, which passes it to the printer. Viola! You get your printout.

Well, anyway, whenever you install a new kernel, you need a new graphics driver. This is actually what draws the "picture" on your screen.

Linux comes standard with several (well, OK, LOTS!) of graphics drivers. But if you have an accelerated video card like mine, you need a special driver.

So I went to the Nvidia web site and downloaded the driver for my card.

I installed the driver. It didn't work.

I switched back to the non-accelerated driver and searched for a solution online. I tried fiddling with this setting and that, I tried too many things to remember, each time switching drivers and rebooting. Many, many hours spent trying to get this thing to work.

Guess what? The Nvidia driver has a bug and won't work with my particular type of card.

When is the replacement driver going to be released? Your guess is as good as mine!

I've heard February 30th.......

So, is Linux really ready for the common desktop?

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Back to Life....

Originally uploaded by carney1979.
Flat Stanley is home by now. All must be well in his world.

We recently changed churches.

We were traveling 30 minutes one way to go to church. Everyone there was so nice, but fellowship was hard at that distance. Getting up early enough for Sunday School was hard.

We've started attending a church just minutes from our house.

They have week night Bible studies in people's homes. We have joined a study on Tuesday nights. The people are so nice. We feel like family already!

This feels so good. I think we're home. And all is well in our world.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Work? Who Works? here I am at my so-called job.

As you may remember from my earlier posts, the company that owns the place I have worked at for 9 years has decided in it's infinite wisdom to close the place.

Anyway, that leaves me searching for a new job.

However, I still have to come to this place until I find a new job.

My current job used to be a real challenge. Now all I do all day is:

30 minutes to 1 hour: I actually work(!)
Rest of day: Play solitaire and surf the web looking for a job (or just for recreational purposes).


Under the federal WARN Act, my company could send excess employees home with full pay, but they're too cheap to do that. They're probably upset that they will have to pay whomever is left at the close date on March 31st 1 week's severance for every year worked (Maine state law).

Thank you Maine!

Oh well, I guess it's time to get back to beating old Sol.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Flat Stanley Goes to Nubble Light

Flat Stanley and friends went to Nubble Light.

Stanley wished he'd gone at night, and he wondered what size battery it took to make it work. (Great honkin' big ones, Stanley.)

Flat Stanley Goes to Try to Visit the Bush's

After the beach, Flat Stanley wanted to drop in on George and Barbara.

We drove to Walker's Point, but no one was home! Stanley was crushed!

Do you suppose they are wintering over somewhere warmer, Stanley?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Job, Anyone, Part 3

It's official. I did not get the job I interviewed for recently.

Am I ever relieved!

A fellow who works with me got it. I'm really happy for him. He'd worked at Sanmina for about two weeks when we found out we were being closed down.

I have an appointment tomorrow at the career center in Portland. I have some hope that they will be able to help me. I have another appointment with them again on Monday to see if they can help me from a Veteran's viewpoint.

Fingers crossed here!

Flat Stanley Finds a Shell on the Beach

While at Kennebunk beach, Flat Stanley found a shell.

Let me tell you, he was flat out amazed!

Flat Stanley Goes to Church

Flat Stanley Goes to church
Originally uploaded by carney1979.
On Sunday, Flat Stanley went to church with us and some friends.

He enjoyed singing the songs (though he was a bit flat) and he liked the sermon and fellowship.

He had a very enjoyable day.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Flat Stanley Visits the Wedding Cake House

While visiting Kennebunk, Flat Stanley saw this house and he just HAD to stop.

He could not believe his flat little eyes!

In his continuing quest to unflatten himself, he wanted to go take a bite of it. I had to explain that it was only wood and paint, not cake and icing.

Flat Stanley settled for just having his picture taken by this house instead.

Flat Stanley Goes to the YMCA

Stanley Goes to the YMCA
Originally uploaded by carney1979.

I normally go to the YMCA to work out 4 to 6 nights a week. Flat Stanley wanted to go. He said he hoped he could regain some of his lost shape by lifting some weights.

Well, we went and I did an hour on the cardio machines. Then we went into the weight room and discovered Flat Stanley couldn't reach the handles or pedals to work the machines. Too bad.

Stanley won't be getting pumped up this trip.

Maybe if you ate some lobster??