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Friday, March 11, 2005

One Week Till Spring!

One week (weak??) until Spring!

If you live in Maine, I hope you mapped your garden with a GPS receiver last year or you may not find it until Fall this year!

We are on the receiving end of (yet another!) Nor'easter. We are expecting anywhere from 10-20 inches of new snow between today and tomorrow. Oh, thrill. Ski Oklahoma!

I am really happy for those that are into winter sports, such as skiing, etc. I'm from Oklahoma. The only winter sport I've practiced was getting to work intact on icy roads with all the other Okies that didn't know how to drive on the stuff.

I have not seen my sidewalk in months. Wait! I just remembered that I have grass in my yard, under all the MANY feet of snow. Was it supposed to be green, or blue?? Hmmmm....

Here are some fun snow numbers from yesterday's Portland Press Herald. All are from the Portland Jetport which is about a 30 minute drive from me (at least it is in the summer, in the winter, who knows??):

Biggest Storms of the Season

Jan 6: 5 inches
Jan 19-20: 7.3 inches
Jan 22-23: 12.8 inches
Jan 26: 4 inches
(hardly worth mentioning!!)
Feb 10-11: 10.1 inches
Feb 21-23: 7.7 inches
Mar 1-2: 10.0 inches
Mar 8-9: 10.0 inches

Season Snow to Date
89.6 inches

Five Snowiest
Winters in Portland

1970-71: 141.5 inches
1886-87: 125.5 inches
1922-23: 125.0 inches
1995-96: 123.0 inches
1906-07: 119.5 inches

The way we're going, this winter will probably be listed as 2004-06!

Enjoy, kiddies!


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