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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Random Thoughts

Work is nearly complete for most of the employees at Sanmina-SCI Westbrook. Tomorrow will be their last day.

The company will let us leave at noon, but pay us for the full day. Maybe there is such a thing as a free lunch.....

I shall take my camera tomorrow. Too many faces to remember.

The lunch truck comes every day. An older gentleman runs it. I don't usually eat from the truck, I take my own lunch in. But my wife is out of town (I'm married, really!) and I was lazy, so I ordered off the German. "Zwei hund, bitte!" The look he gave me was really quite incredible. I could tell he wasn't sure if he'd not heard me right or if I was speaking some unknown strange tongue or what. I'm bad.

I took another woman out to supper tonight. I had not been out on a date with my oldest daughter in too long. We had a lot of laughs. It was good.

Well, enough randomness for one night. Maybe next time I'll get into memories of growing up and really bore you.



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